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The Communications industry is a highly competitive and mature market. As new offerings and value-added services become reduced as important differentiators, customer service is increasingly seen as the key factor in customer acquisition and retention.

WBG provides companies with solutions that manage and coordinate all customer touch points through an integrated platform. This helps identify, distinguish and reach customers more efficiently and effectively with built in customer analytics and real time report generation.

Telecom outsourcing or leveraging BPO (business process outsourcing) is one such strategy being adopted by industry leaders.
At WBG our employees, working as an extension of our clients, help Communications companies undo the potential of their value chain. WBG Communication outsourcing solutions comprise a range of BPO services.
Our model of working
Design, execute and monitor all marketing initiatives
Increase client acquisition, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
Improve customer communications with automated appointment scheduling
Intelligent feedback analysis
Our Service includes
Order entry / Order fulfillment
Contract Management
Outbound sales / Sales analytics
Lead generation
Cross-selling and Up-selling analytics
Logging and Monitoring service requests
Directory Publishing
CRM analytics / Collection analytics
Traffic routing planning
Network utilization reporting and analytics
Web correspondence
Pricing and Contract preparation
Sales order taking
New product and services, service delivery process creation
Technical validation and support
Rejected Order Tracking
Multi Vendor Tracking
Proactive Order Management


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