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Telecom Solutions
WBG provides companies with solutions that manage and coordinate all customer touch points through an integrated platform. This helps identify, distinguish and reach customers more efficiently and effectively with built in customer analytics and real time report generation.
Increase client acquisition, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
Intelligent feedback analysis provides better understanding of customer behavior and preferences
Increase effectiveness and reduce costs of field workforce management and improve customer communications with automated appointment scheduling
Design, Execute and Monitor all marketing initiatives
Our Solutions Database Includes:
Campaign Management
Order Management
Feedback Management
Loyalty Management
Appointment Scheduler
Telecom Services
WBG provides customer management solutions for leading communications / telecom companies. Our acclaimed service innovations are helping the companies effectively handle mounting competitive pressures by:
Swiftly increasing the customer base
Increasing average revenue
Improving customer service with greater emphasis on business retention
Our Services Includes:
Sales & Marketing - Inbound & Outbound Sales, Lead Generation, Up & Cross Sell
Account Setup & Activation - Provisioning, Order & Returns, Logistics Coordination, Porting Support, Credit Vetting, Order Input, Account Administration & Internal Actionable Requests
Customer Service - Information Requests, Welcome Calls, Account Management
Billing/Helpdesk - Invoice Requests & Complaints, Billing Inquiries & Disputes, Process Inquiries, technical Support
Receivables & Collections - Past Due Collections, Credit Limit / Expirations, Inbound Internal Calls, High Usage
Sales/Win Back - Dispute Resolution, Increase Customer Awareness, Increase Tolling, Billing Issues


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