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We strive to solve your current issues in managing your business, and work towards equipping you for future challenges. We constantly learn, innovate and cross-deploy solutions. We believe in making improvements to your business over time using our services .

Accurate Billing, Accelerated Payments, Increased Client Retention !!!

Some of the largest Medical Billing Companies rely on our professional expertise and technology enhanced suite of Coding, Billing, Collections and Denial Management services to improve business process and maximize cost savings. Our business model is based on quality deliverables.
Medical Billing:
Regardless of preferences to use your software or the software of one of our partners,  WBG is able to help you with any of the following Medical Billing Services.
Appointment Scheduling
With  WBG team, we are able to help clients by setting appointments for patients. This allows their personnel to focus on helping patients without being preoccupied with a constantly ringing phone.
Insurance Verification
We can handle any delayed payment, decreased payment, and any uncollectible amounts that are a result of patients presenting outdated or invalid insurance cards.
Patient Demographics and Charges Data Entry
We aim to ensure that all data entry information is accurate, thus preventing the client from losing money. Information that is of significance and must be error free.
Claims Submission
WBG  has the capability of electronically submitting medical claims to insurance companies through the practice management system . With this method, claims are submitted in one of two ways: either directly or through a clearing house.
Payments Posting
WBG guarantees rapid and accurate payment postings as this is essential in analyzing your practice, thus enabling you to conclude and resolve frequent issues while also enhancing the current process.
A / R Follow-up
WBG does whatever it can to ensure that all claims have been received by all corresponding parties. No guarantee can come from sending claims to insurance companies as issues do arises regarding whether the claim was received and/or processed. From this viewpoint, one can see the significance of tracking and following up on claims in which no payments were received.
Denial Management
WBG aims to remove the stress of researching claims so that you can maintain your focus on the more important aspects that are associated with your field. Seeking solutions to denied claims is a tedious process that takes away from your primary business function
Reports Generation
WBG guarantees to deliver daily, weekly, or monthly customized reports, depending upon the needs of the client.
Medical Coding:
Scanned doctor’s notes
Operative reports
Clinical information
Patient charts


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