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Rising Healthcare costs, expensive new medical technologies, and patients′ demands for greater plan flexibility in choosing doctors and specialists at their will are some of the challenges facing health consumers and payers. Insurance providers are struggling to contain costs and employers are hit hard by cost increase in providing coverage to employees and retirees.

WBG is well positioned to address these current and anticipated challenges in Healthcare industry.

From medical billing, WBG offers nationwide medical billing services and lifecycle solutions for medical claim billing. We blend extensive medical billing knowledge and experience with streamlined medical claim billing to help our clients overcome obstacles to maximum reimbursement.

We provide services in the following areas:

Payer - Front-end mail room / Scanning, Data capture, Claims Administration, Member Services, Customer Service, Benefit Coding & Plan building, Provider Management, Finance & Accounting.

Provider - Billing & Coding, Claims Analytics
We provide simple and complex back-office services in claims processing, claims intake, data entry, plan building, provider maintenance and credentialing.

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