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HR Management has become an enormous task, demanding considerable resources and time. An efficient Human Resources practice is capable of increasing company’s productivity and profitability. Outsourcing HR functions allows you to focus on your core competencies than just Employer-related responsibilities.

Our services help support many critical HR functions and processes, including Compensation Management, Benefits Administration, Recruitment and Staffing, Payroll ,Workforce Development and Learning & Development.
Compensation Management
Compensation Administration, Variable Pay, Incentive Compensation, Equity Compensation Programs, Executive Compensation
Benefits Administration
Defined Benefits, Defined Contribution, Workers Compensation, Share Plans, Health and Welfare Plan Administration, Time Off, Absence Management
Recruitment & Staffing
Position Management, Sourcing, Screening, On-Boarding, Contingent Labor
Time and Attendance, Source-to-Gross, Gross-to-Net, Garnishments, Payroll Tax Administration, Payment Distribution, Reconciliation, Reports
Workforce Development
Skills Management, Performance Management, Competency Management, Workforce Analytics, Career Planning, Succession Planning, Training and Development
Learning & Development
Content Development, Instructional Designing, Knowledge Management, Training Catalogue Administration, Leadership Training (Virtual), Employee Learning and Development


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