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Our offices:
WBG offers solutions to a broad group of clients from the financial, insurance, loyalty and publishing, Communications, Retail, Travel, Logistics and Medical billing industries etc., Our services are designed to suit each specific industry segment.
Financial services
Credit application processing, Identity verification, Mortgage and Real estate transaction processing or Audits
Application/claim processing, Claim verification, Key-code data entry, Audit requests, Mail processing
Manuscript data entry, Page layout and design, Digitization and imaging, Bilingual editorial review
Customer Acquisition, Sales & Contract Administration, CRM Solutions, Order Provisioning & Order / Management
Supplier management and analysis, Sourcing support,  Market intelligence, Logistics management, Scheduling and planning, Customer feedback management
Loyalty Program Management, Customer Relations, Revenue Management, Operations Support  (Platform Based Services Offerings)
Campaign Management, Sales Reports, Documentation, Operations Planning, Management Reporting, Export & Import Manifest
Medical Billing
Application and Form processing, Key-code data entry, Document conversion, Collections
Application Development, Enterprise Resource Planning, Buisness Inteligence, Network Services, Program Management
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