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WBG is a leading service provider for retailers in areas of customer service, up-sell/cross-sell, customer behavior analytics and customer loyalty management.
The worldwide retail industry is practicing tremendous volatility. According to Surveys, the recommendations for retailers to survive and thrive included:
Improving the customer experience and customer loyalty
Lowering payroll
Using multi-channel shopping
WBG retail solutions help retailers endure and succeed by helping to inflate your customer base with in-depth customer analytics, feedback management and an enhanced customer experience.
Enable order placement through multiple channels and streamline the entire order process
Run multi-tier loyalty programs to reward profitable customer behavior
Use multi-channel campaign and service delivery to reach a wider audience
Analyze customer feedback to improve service delivery and increase revenues
Deliver marketing campaigns to audience selected through purchase propensity analysis
Chat, Email and web self-service allows clients to decrease the volume of customer calls by providing direct access to a variety of online support. With content management solutions and a powerful chat tool, we offer the highest quality of customer service available and also provide maximum returns for your customer support. In addition, our support for voice ensures that clients can use our live agent services anytime.
Our Service Offerings
Selection - General inquiries, General product information
Complete Purchase - Account changes, Product availability
Validate Transaction - Payment verification, Loyalty account management, Promotion / Coupon validation
Product Received - Damaged, Incorrect or Incomplete shipment, Product returns / Exchanges and Rebates


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