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The rate of innovation in the technology industry is staggering. Customers are demanding more rapidly, more features, and intellectual software. The technology industry has moved beyond just providing tech support to their customers.

WBG services include Alliances Program, People Competence Development, Technical Expertise Development, Disaster Recovery, Quality Management, Internal Systems, Recruitment and Information Security. Our implementing potential continues to evolve contributing toward continuous business process improvement.

By reaching out to customers through new media and social communities, companies are discovering powerful ways to grow their brand share. Solutions provide the integrated customer care and sales practices that technology companies use to acquire, retain, and grow customers. These practices will ultimately lead to greater customer loyalty, reduced risks, and increased revenues.

Our services includes:
WBG Services has created an Alliances Program that enables to combine our IT Services and Business Process Consulting Services along with the IT Services and Products from best-in-class partners. These technologies span several areas including custom application development, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, business intelligence and data warehousing.
Project Delivery
Architecture & Design, Project Team Mentoring and Technical Reviews are the key project enablers for projects in IT Services, Business Process Outsourcing.
Architecture & Design
WBG follows a supple Architecture that integrates best practices of tough design.
1. Future Proof
2. Software Factories with Collection of pre-built and pre-tested software components
3. Knowledge management
4. Open architecture for extensibility
Enterprise solutions
WBG offers the industry's most comprehensive Enterprise Application services portfolio, with strong capabilities in world-leading applications.
WBG can provide a customized service plan even from a small, midsize business to large global enterprise.
Our service includes:
Package selection, Execution, Development and Testing, Upgrade, Integration, Support and Maintenance, Training and Technology support.
ERP support centers, migration from one ERP to another, setting of ERP, reimplementation etc.
IT Infrastructure Management Services
WBG brings a perfect understanding of how the Business Aligned IT  can be stitched together to provide ultimate Application Services through managing hybrid Infrastructure environments.

As IT Infrastructure Management is gaining importance since the world has started believing in Business Aligned IT. Complex applications are being developed and this requires the best- in-class underlying infrastructure to run and deliver it to multiple users in the eco-systems of businesses. This requires a good understanding of the applications, architecting the underlying infrastructure, optimizing their use and managing complex SLAs.
Our service includes:
Datacenter Services
End-User Services
Security Services
Network Services
Tools & Processes
Application Administration Services (non-coding)
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