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We achieve our transformation effectively by influencing the methods:
We try to understand what the transformational needs are and where they originate from, which helps us in creating a more effective transformational map.
Business transformation is usually forced by leadership through vision, competition through economic environment and/or by stakeholders through greater profitability.
Existing Condition:
Once the transformation objectives are mapped, the next step is to understand the existing condition. This step is to understand the current processes, structure and systems-Operational & Informational of the organization. An analysis done to assess the supporting and divergent forces to transformation.
The transformational is a logical result of the transformation need and the current state. The gaps are mapped out at an organizational and functional level in terms of changes in process, people and system. We assess the existing statics and commend alternative for improved management. Timelines are too mapped for implementation.
Extreme challenging phase of transformation which requires conceptual management drive & support. For the process to be implemented, boards on the implementation progress with the performance of the various organizational statics are done periodically, at an organizational and functional level. Plans are done effectively to process and implement the plan change.


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